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About Us &
Our Staff

About Us
Brooklyn Mike of TBMSRadio

Brooklyn Mike

The youngest of four siblings and the first born American within a Sicilian family from Castellamare del Golfo, Sicily.  


I was raised in the Bensonhurst area of Brooklyn, New York and VERY PROUD of my Sicilian/American heritage.

I am VERY Happy when involved in activities concerning 

my culture, whether its concerning people, food, music 

movies, or anything.  I am also a proud member The Lt. Det. Joseph Petrosino Association in America Organization. (certificate)

Most of all, it is spending time with my "Famiglia" that I love the most, especially on Sundays. 

Some of the fondest memories I have growing up was smelling that Sunday sauce cooking on the stove and my father playing all those great Italian music classics really loud while Mom was preparing and cooking that Sunday Dinner for the family,  

Because of health issues, I retired after 35 years working as an Aeronautical Engineer for a defense contractor in addition to owning a very successful and popular Disc Jockey company in the Northern Virginia Area.  

To continue sharing my love for my Sicilian heritage and sharing those incredible Sunday memories influenced by my loving Mom & Dad, I created "The Brooklyn Mike Show".  


"The Brooklyn Mike Show" has a LIVE show every Sunday in honor and memory of my Mom & Dad who I Love and Miss every day!

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Brooklyn Mike & Dad

Mom & Dad

Brooklyn Mike's Dad, Uncles, & Grandfather in Sicily

Brooklyn Mike


Our Staff


President & Owner of

M&L Entertainment Inc.

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Lisa Marie is originally from Geneva, New York and is the President and Owner of M&L Entertainment and  Lisa loves music and is a huge asset to the Corporation.  Lisa is the cohost of the Corona Friday House Party show on every Friday night and she is also the cohost of Having Sunday Dinner with Brooklyn Mike every Sunday morning.  Lisa is also known on that show as "Lisa Lasagne". 

Radio Host

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Brooklyn Mike is originally from Brooklyn, New York with over 35 years of DJ experience who is retired as aeronautical engineer and mobile DJ and now is the host of the Brooklyn Beef podcast series and the Corona Friday House Party every Friday night.  Brooklyn Mike is also the host of Having Sunday Dinner with Brooklyn Mike show every Sunday morning that is dedicated to his parents and Lisa's grandparents.  Brooklyn Mike is also known on that show as "Mikey Meatballs". 


Radio Host & Mobile DJ 

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DJ Scott West is from Damascus, Maryland with over 30 years of DJ experience and one of the top wedding DJs in the DC Metro area.  Scott who is a Maryland Police Officer is also the cohost of the Brooklyn Beef podcast series and the Corona Friday House Party every Friday night.  Scott is also the cohost of Having Sunday Dinner with Brooklyn Mike every Sunday morning and he is known on that show as "Scottie Cannoli". 


Our Mixologist

& Tasteologist

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Stacey & Chuck are from Waterloo, South Carolina started out as devout listeners of the Radio Show and NOW besides being are part of our family are our Mixologist and Tasteologist who makes those incredible mixes and concoction of adult beverages dedicated to each and everyone of our Friday night shows "The Corona Friday House Party"


Stay Tuned for the Mixologist Cookbook coming soon!

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