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"Mystic Monday" 


Tribute toThe Mystic

HushabyeThe Mystics
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The Mystics DropAl Contrera
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The Mystics DropBobby Ferrante
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The Mystics DropGeorge Galfo
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The Mystics DropPhil Cracolici
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A Tribute to The Mystics!

Join me "Brooklyn Mike" on for a Tribute to "The Mystics" and the Doo-Wop era every Sunday and Monday!  Check out their book: Hushabye - The Mystics, The Music, and The Mob

The Mystics are an American rock and roll group that began in BrooklynNew York, United States, in the late 1950s.  The group was known as The Overons, a quintet that, when signed to Laurie Records, consisted of Phil Cracolici (born 1937, lead), Albee Cracolici (born 1936, baritone), George Galfo (born 1939, second tenor), Bob Ferrante (born 1936, first tenor), and Al Contrera (born 1940, bass).  Under the direction of their manager, Jim Gribble, The Overons became "The Mystics" when each group member wrote a name they liked on a slip of paper, placed the papers in a hat and Contrera's choice was drawn.

In March 2015, the five original Mystics, Bob Ferrante, George Galfo, Phil Cracolici, Al Contrera, and Albee Cracolici, were inducted into the Doo Wop Music Hall of Fame in Cerritos, California

  • The Mystics Monday

  • Every Monday from 6:00pm - 9:00pm EST 


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