The Brooklyn Beef Podcast 

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Here are some of the topics you can expect we will be discussing!
  1. The Political Beef

    • In the Beginning - Introductions

    • The link between the Clinton’s and the deaths of over 50 of their associates

    • Party Affiliations – why do we have to hide who we are? 

    • Late Term Abortions

    • Americans vs. Liberals

    • Impeachment of the president 

    • No respect to the office of the presidency

    • Constant investigations of the President even during the coronavirus pandemic 

    • Local Government Corruption

    • Marine One Helicopter Program

    • Illegal immigration

    • Sanctuary Cities 

    • NY State Governor linking NY State gun laws to COVID19

    • Politicians

      • Adam Bennett Schiff 

      • Nancy Patricia Pelosi

      • Barack Hussein Obama 

      • Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton

      • Governor Andrew Cuomo

      • Sen. Charles Ellis Schumer

      • Mayor Bill De Blasio

  2. Coronavirus Beef

    • China & The Coronavirus

    • The future of our country & Bill Gates

    • The World Health Organization (WHO) & their deceitful behavior        

    • The start of the coronavirus why, when, how, and who

    • Peoples stupidity you can’t fix stupid

    • People misconceptions about wearing masks and not wearing them correctly

    • People making money during a national emergency ie. cashier screens

  3. Customer Service Beef

    • Calling an office with automated answering services

    • Receiving phone calls from robots

    • Customer service nonexistent at stores

    • Lack of respect for customers today 

  4. Respect Beef

    • Today’s disrespectful lazy teens 

    • Lack of discipline and responsibility in today’s teens

    • Our country’s future with our teens today

    • Is technology causing our teens to be stupid today

    • People not respecting others during a national emergency

  5. Driving Beef

    • Poor driving habits and skills ie. people doing 40mph in the left lane of an interstate, driver distractions, etiquette, courtesies, etc.

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