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GET - Geneva Exposed Truth


GET - Geneva Exposed Truth

GET stands for Geneva Exposed Truth & this is local news concerning Geneva, New York.  


GET will also be exposing the TRUTH about the corruption within City Hall and certain members of the City Council and their links between Hobart William Smith (HWS) College and other organizations destroying OUR GREAT Nation today!

The village of Geneva was first incorporated in 1806, then again in 1812 and 1871. It eventually became the city of Geneva. The town of Geneva, which surrounds the city, was originally part of the town of Seneca, but formally became its own entity in 1872.

Located on the northern end of Seneca Lake about an hour away from Rochester (to the west) and Syracuse (to the east), the city and town of Geneva have deep roots in farming and agriculture, which is reflected in the industries, institutions and businesses that thrive here.

Geneva, New York is one of the most beautiful cities in the state.  After the 2019 election, the city has encountered a division within the city and among the people of Geneva caused by a seriously dysfunctional City Council and the power and control of HWS over certain members of the City Council and the City Manager.    Now will try to expose the truth through our new news media and hope the people of the City of Geneva GET it.

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